David Mazur

I have experience teaching high school mathematics on a one to one teacher to student ratio at a non-public boarding school. I also have taught high school level math in typical classroom environments of public schools. Subjects I have taught are Algebras 1 and 2, PreCalculus, Calculus, and SAT Math Preparation.

Prior to teaching, I worked in industry in a number of roles with the most time spent coordinating product safety compliance.

I have also served the roles of music director and counselor at a camp for those with special needs.

My approach to students is to be non-judgmental in regards to their difficulties. However, I also want students to gain self confidence in the abilities they have but may not recognize.

My typical teaching emphasis, for better concept retention and application, is for students to be able to understand and use concepts, rather than for just memorization. I am willing to adjust my teaching goals and emphasis to what is wanted or needed by the paying client.

I will communicate with the student to determine specific obstacles to understanding that need to be removed; and I will try to figure out ways to help a student remember procedures, steps or relationships.

Phone: (475) 221-6646

Math Tutor

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and Tutoring Style, as needed.

High/Upper School Algebras 1 & 2, Precalculus, Geometry, Calculus AP AB/BC, Trigonometry

Middle School Algebra, Geometry #SAT & PRAXIS Math Prep # College Algebra and Calculus 1 & 2

For locations in CT counties of New Haven, Middlesex and Hartford.

I travel to your location for sessions.